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San Francisco Yoga Workshop

Nov 9-12, 2019 House of Sattva Yoga

Breath ~ Movement ~ Life

Developing a Wellness Yoga Practice. Deeper study and practice immersion to explore, discover, experience yoga chikitsa “yoga therapy” to the mind, body and spirit .

Teacher continuing education hours available upon request.

Prepare to be Inspired and Ignited with healing energy.

Why not Take a Personal 7 day transformation to yoga wellness & study?

The Art of Developing a Personal Holistic Yoga Practice

Book Your Personal Sessions, Learn More:

Book Your Personal Sessions, Learn More:

A personal treat to yourself with Christina Martini, all levels of practice are welcome. No experience, Beginners to advanced practitioners. I welcome all who practice other methods, styles and forms of Yoga as my holistic whole health approach will be a valuable foundation, asset or compliment to your over well-being as practitioners and/or teachers, health care providers, community workers, military members, first responders and all walks of life. The art of developing and beginning a personal yoga holistic practice that supports your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual well-being. A whole health approach with emphasis to the six pillars, dimensions of health and wellness on and off the mat. Appropriate for change of lifestyle, healing, stress management, tension and working through limitations, constitutions, pre-existing health conditions, etc. Improving your blood sugar, blood pressure, sleep, focus, concentration and more. Everyone benefits . Prepare to be enriched and renewed.

Topics to be learned: The Art of Building a Personal Understanding of your Yoga Practice and Foundation . Exploring, Discovering, Experiencing Breath, Bandhas and Drishti to support our mental, physical, emotional, spiritual strength.

The Art and Role of Breathing , Pranayama .The power of breath relaxes and soothes all our body systems from head to toe. Yoga is a Breathing Practice, where breath is the vehicle that moves our body to the physical postures. Our lymphatic, nervous and immune system all benefit from proper breathing.


Are you Developing a curiosity or aspiration to a Teaching Practice ? Holistic Whole Health Yoga Teacher Training Program in Maui for Aspiring established practitioners or Teachers seeking Continuing Education, Training for growth, development for specialized interest such as Yoga for Cancer, Yoga for a Mindful Body, Whole Health & Wellness, Yoga for Veterans

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Hosted by: Shala Santosha Yoga & Wellness , Christina Martini

BOOK YOUR SPACE for STUDY, limited space , max 6 students accepted to each training dates.

BOOK YOUR SPACE for STUDY, limited space , max 6 students accepted to each training dates.


Yoga Alliance Approved School & Program

TRAINING LOCATION, 810 Haiku Road, Unit 404C, Haiku Maui Hawaii

This course includes a strong emphasis on the traditional classical 8 limbs of yoga, Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Therapeutic Yoga approach with emphasis to developing a holistic whole health practice that supports wellness, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual wellbeing, resilience, strength and mindfulness. This authentic classical yoga practice is applicably safe for all levels and conditions as the practice will be specially designed to meet and fit your conditions and needs. The Holistic Yoga Program, is a foundation program to developing a qualified skilled teaching practice, apprenticeship or teacher assistant where training is comprehensive, immersive, well-rounded with hands on contact clinic hours and continuing education as necessary to experience the art of safe, appropriate touch, assists, adjustments, modifications, sequencing for proper healing, alignment and centering of the mind and body. Yoga Philosophy, Humanities, History Lineage, Traditions, Culture, Ethics, Principles, Yoga Sutras, 8 limbs, Disciplines, Techniques, Training, Practice, Asanas, Pranayama, Breath practices, the Subtle body, Meditation, Professional Etiquette, Teaching Methodology, Practicum, Professional Development, Functional Anatomy and Physiology, Bio-mechanics, Understanding the benefits , contraindications, importance of Modifications to meet all conditions of the body and mind such as health conditions, injury or recovery. Chanting Mantras, Diet, Mindfulness living. Designing a Holistic Whole health Yoga practice for others to serve and give back to your community. Dedicated practitioners with committed regular practice of minimum 1-3 years + are welcome to apply. Prerequisite required to meet for acceptance.

Discover, Explore, Experience Your Yoga Practice in the Presence of Breath and movement

Wholistic Yoga to the mind, body and spirit.

A yoga program appropriate for our cancer survivors, veterans, active and reserve duty, coast guard, fire, police, paramedic responders.     Learn more: email:

A yoga program appropriate for our cancer survivors, veterans, active and reserve duty, coast guard, fire, police, paramedic responders.

Learn more: email:

This program supports and meets the mental, physical, emotional , resilience, strength, balance, focus , concentration, relaxation of our whole self. Supports the needs to improve PTSD, Trauma, Fear, Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia, Recovery from injury. Yoga for Cancer, Yoga for Veterans, Yoga for Physical and Mental Strength, Yoga for Conditioning, Yoga for Health & Wellness.