Shala Santosha translates to House of Contentment, guided and inspired by the presence, knowledge, experience and expertise of Christina Martini who offers the opportunity to all who is ready to invest to their health and overall well-being. With her passion and experience of Oncology Cancer Nurse, Patient Nurse Navigator, Yoga Practitioner, Educator, Health & Wellness Coaching, Leadership, membership to American Holistic Nurses Association and American College of Lifestyle Medicine and Business; she thrives to guide, inspire and motivate Individuals and Organizations in need to transform healthier lives and Breathe!

A beautiful intimate personal community (sangha) that practices together to discover and embrace all our uniqueness. The shala offers therapeutic yoga, breathing, meditation, mindful practices, coaching with diet, healthier lifestyle choices for many constitutions in our lives. From sports conditioning, rehabilitation from injury, surgery, Improving pre-existing special conditions such as cancer, parkinsons, fibromyalgia, MS, diabetes to name a few, blood pressure, stress, anxiety, cholesterol, weight loss, weight management, pregnancy, smoking or alcohol cessation, memory, mental clarity, focus, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. In addition, to support all walks of life, Wellness programs for small business, private individuals, healthcare facilities, corporation, HR are also available, designed upon request.

Integrative Practices such as Yoga, Breath, Meditation, Diet, Mindful Lifestyle is for everyone. Christina welcomes all to celebrate the gifts of this humbling yet profound experience to one’s mind, body and spirit.

The practice of yoga emphasizes synchronizing the whole body and mind with the power of our Ha’ ~ BREATH which means breath, breath of life in hawaiian and in sanskrit, Prana, Pranayama with the movement of physical postures (asana) gracefully flowing into a moving mind meditation to cleanse, detox, purify and heal our whole body, mind and spirit to healthy living.

Shala Santosha Yoga & Wellness is dedicated to the traditional practices of such Classical form of Traditional Yoga known as Ashtanga, 8 limbs Yoga practice. Through history, lineage and traditions as taught by many great teachers, Christina honors and deeply respect the teachings of her Great Teachers and Inspiration : Pattabhi Jois, Manju Jois, Sharath Jois, Saraswati Jois, Nancy Gilgoff, David Williams, David Swenson, Tim Miller and many other senior teachers continuing its richness and true teachings of the holistic practice.

Every day is a new day, and a new day Begins with YOU! Whatever today brings , we embrace, nurture and cultivate with honor, respect and love. Allow yourself the permission to create a habit of a healthy mind and bod where you appreciate beauty and goodness in everything that breathes.

Lokaa Samasta Sukino Bhavantu, Ohm Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, Namast

Christina’s Mission: Her heart for service (seva) offerings to share this rich traditional practice of yoga as therapeutic and holistic meeting each individual needs. Christina dedicates her working life to helping cancer patients and the community to connect to their purpose, to ignite more compassion within oneself and for others.  To become mindful, self aware and understanding of oneself and their truth, to be authentic to flourish in all aspects of their lives.  She is a huge advocate of health and wellness and the benefits. From her own personal experience , having and creating a space for others to be immersed in their own experience brings an amazing and life changing self.

Christina’s Vision : Her heart to work towards a future in hope that WE as a collective race consciously awaken and live a more mindful, compassionate life for oneself and others, where peace, love and joy spreads through all our existence making a difference One Breath (Ha’ ) at a time.