Looking for creative ways for your Organization’s Performance to Rise ?
Create a healthy culture , Employees spend the majority of their waking hours at work. They want to feel appreciated, connected and supported.
Workplace wellness strategies don’t need to be overly complicated or expensive to make a difference. Offering the incentive and gifts such as physical activity, breathing, mindfulness training, and healthy food options can make a significant difference by increasing focus, energy, better health and creativity.

workplace wellness

1 hr session, at your site or our site

Improve your organizations Culture, Morale & Health  

  • Happier & Healthier Staff

  • Improved Productivity & Efficiency

  • Decreased Injuries & Absenteeism 

  • Prevention, Saves $

  • Let's connect, visit what areas of wellness is needed for your organization , your team to deliver the necessary wellness modality today. A study done shows wellness programs offered in workplaces showed for every $1 you invest per person on wellness, you'll save $5.81! Once a week, twice a week, once a month or every quarter. Its worth it. The program is designed and tailored to meet your needs to create a healthy place of work, balance and harmony. Ignite, Inspire, Motivate, Transform, Thrive with your team.

  • Perfect for private business, small business, healthcare faciltities, corporation, Hr.

  • Book in for a free consultation with Christina via email cmartiniyoga@gmail.com or phone 808 793-2273. I look forward to hearing from you .