Please call 808 793-2273 leave message or email to RSVP for your space in class. space is limited to 6 max for personalized attention.


Mondays, Wednesdays/Fridays
530pm - 7pm

One on one practice in a small group setting where a teacher is present to teach and guide your personalized self practice of Ashtanga yoga. Mysore has a flexible start time. Arrive between the time scheduled to allow enough time to complete your practice at your convenience. Assists, adjustments, modifications offered at all Mysore class. Open to all, new and established practice. Beginners and advanced practitioners welcome. Experience the Ashtanga method as it is taught traditionally. It is the best way to learn Ashtanga Yoga, and the perfect starting point for everyone. The Mysore style is based on building a relationship with a teacher.  The student will learn the system at his or her own pace with guidance and support.

Rather than being led through the sequence, you will have the opportunity to learn the poses over time, cultivating a consistent practice, and practicing independently. New poses will be added gradually to meet and fit your abilities, conditions, needs. Your total class time will vary depending on your pace and the number of postures you have been taught to practice. It is not necessary to stay for the entire scheduled class. 

Hallmarks of this style of teaching include hands on assistance, individualized instruction, and silent focus to encourage concentration, breathing , meditation, inspiration, and perspiration.

$20 drop in for Mysore or Led Classes

$200.00 Monthly Unlimited

$900.00 Bi-Annual Unlimited

$1800.00 Annually Unlimited


Tuesdays, Thursdays
630am - 8am

This class is for students with an established Ashtanga Yoga practice. This is the perfect complement to a regular Mysore practice. In this class, the teacher will call out the names of the poses and the vinyasa (one breath tied to one movement) count in Sanskrit. This class is for you to work on efficiency in your practice and refine what you have learned in Mysore style classes. If you haven’t yet learned the full sequence of poses, you can observe what is to come or simply stop at the point where you have learned and finish on your own.

$20 drop in for Mysore or Led Classes

$200.00 Monthly Unlimited

$900.00 Bi-Annual Unlimited

$1800.00 Annually Unlimited


Contact us to schedule

One on one classes are the best way to develop your personal practice with the most support. This class will be fit to your needs, designed to address any existing conditions.

Christina Martini is highly experienced with health and wellness, practitioner and teaching yoga for over 15 years, complimenting both her passion with yoga meditation practice and a licensed clinical oncology-cancer nurse. Her expertise in oncology-cancer brings great awareness for healthier living and ailment prevention. Her knowledge, strengths in anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, training, education, hands on experiences with patients being in the forefront with health and wellness allows her the ability to guide students with knowledge, courage, inspiration, support, empathy, compassion and trust with their conditions and constitution.  

It is enriching to have one on one time for yourself to grow, develop and receive undivided attention to your own pace, mindfulness to the quality of your breath and conditions with an experienced teacher to help with special circumstances of your practice. 

Private study also gives you the convenience to commit at times when the class schedule does not fit to your family, work, and life schedule.   

Classes are 1.5 hrs. Includes a health & wellness consultation to tailor your personal program to fit and meet your needs, abilities and conditions. Available in the morning and at sundown. Contact for availability.


Saturdays at Makawao Hongwanji Temple
10am (Begins 11/24/18) weather permits

Come and unroll your Yoga Mat outdoors for some rejuvenating Saturday yoga practice that will inspire you to new heights! This is a donation based led guided class to promote health and wellness through yoga, breathing and meditation practices. All levels welcome. Bring your mat, a sweat towel, a bottle of water for after class. Prepare to have an amazing practice that will enrich your health and overall wellness. Bring the ohana, friends, loved ones, co-workers and all. Kids participating must be 7 years and up accompanied with Parents attending. 

minimum Suggested donation $5. This event will be held, weather permitting.